LudoPrize Game App Adobe XD Free Download

Freebies Templates: LudoPrize Game App Adobe XD Free Download

Ludo is a board game based on dice and it is played by two or four players. Ludo also known as Parcheesi, Pachisi, Dada, Jockey and many other names. There are many variations of the game. The most common one is played on a cross-shaped board with four players in each corner. The goal is to race your pieces around the board and be the first player to get all of your pieces home or “safe”.

The Ludo game app concept is a nice example of a mobile game’s interface. It is simple, yet highly functional. The layout is based on a grid system, where every element has its own place. The background has a subtle parallax effect that adds depth to the design. The buttons are well-defined and easy to recognize even without a label.

Tabs are used to switch between different screens such as the main menu, player profile and gameplay. They are presented in a unique way by using an arrow icon at the bottom right corner of every page.

The images used in the interface have soft edges, which give them a friendly feel. This design element is often overlooked by designers, but it goes a long way for creating a positive user experience.

This is a menu template for XD (Adobe Experience Design). It’s easy to change colors and add your own menu content!

We hope that you will find this Ludo game UI concept to be of use in your own projects. Of course, you may need to do some tweaking here and there in order to make it fit with your desired project theme. If nothing else, we hope that this Ludo game UI has given you new ideas as to how a Game UI can be designed using Adobe XD.

Freebies Templates: LudoPrize Game App Adobe XD Free Download

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